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Do you have TMJ and can Chiropractic help?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, it is the joint that moves the jaw up and down and in and out when opening the mouth. It’s a very complex joint, it slides, pivots and has a joint capsule (lots of ligaments) holding it in place. This joint is also easily effected by other joints ligaments and muscles involved in turning the head.

Many people have TMJD (disorder of the TMJ) and it can be minor to very debilitating. Most people present with clicking popping of the jaw, stuffiness of the ears or jaw pain when chewing. Some causes of TMJD and jaw pain can include things like sports injuries and clenching.

Chiropractic is VERY effective at treating the TMJ and TMJ disorders and we have had a lot of success at our office with these types of issues. The TMJ is a complicated joint, as well there are a lot of moving joints and muscles near the TMJ that can cause trouble. Many therapists like to do deep tissue massage in and around the jaw. This can also be effective but it’s our preference to do more comfortable types of treatments before going that route.


One benefit of being adjusted at Portland Backsmith Chiropractic is that our Chiropractor is a specialist trained in very specific adjustments to the head, neck and TMJ. These adjustments are safe, comfortable and VERY effective at relieving pain and symptoms of TMJD. Patients that have had clicking, popping and pain for several years have reported less symptoms after their first or second treatment and a significant reduction in as much time as 4-6 weeks.

Chris Zander