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Caught the flu? Read this!

Why adjustments make us healthier: 


Statistically, patients that regularly see a chiropractor report fewer sick days, faster recoveries, and fewer trips to emergency or urgent care.

Do you ever wonder why some people are always sick, yet a coworker right next to them never seems to miss a day of work? Sure, there are a lot of factors going on but it really comes down to overall health. Chiropractic adjustments, along with good nutrition and stress reduction are key factors in making sure you don’t have to miss a day of work.  Research has proven Chiropractic isn’t just the treatment of choice for neck and back pain (and many other conditions), Chiropractic has the ability to make you healthier. Bold statement, but true.


In a nutshell, being in good alignment allows your body to focus on healing. In addition to causing muscle spasms, pain and ligament sprains, a poorly moving or irritated joint will put pressure on the nerves. The nerves can be stretched, pinched, twisted or pulled or irritated by inflammation. When this happens, it alters the signal the nerve (your brain) uses to communicate with the entire body.

Ever tried having conversation on an echoey or static mobile phone? The body has the same problems with “signal interference” when a nerve is irritated. The same path a nerve takes to tell the muscle to contract or relax shares a pathway with things like our digestive tract and our immune system! Messages can get backed up like cars on highway in a traffic jam leading to things like an upset stomach or lowered immunity.

Adjustments allow for nerve signals to flow freely from the brain throughout the body.  The overall end is result better health. Tired of being sick, what do you have to lose? Take the challenge, give Chiropractic a try!

Chris Zander