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Why it’s not a good idea to ignore pain

Sometimes pain is a direct result of an injury. What is pain? It is simply the bodies way of letting us know there is problem.

Very few of our nerves actually send pain information, it’s only 3-5% of nerve fibers. Pain is often the last thing to show up as a result of inflammation or irritation. In many cases the pain simply goes away on its own, sometimes it does not.

Often times there is no reason for a painful event. Its common to wake up with a new pain from sleeping funny or from something simple like bending to pick something up. These types of injury often are the more important injuries to get checked. It is a sign that the body is irritated enough by something as simple as sleeping or bending to sound an alarm.

Aches and pains can be easy to ignore because the pain does tend to go away. This is because our body is very smart at compensating. Our body figures out how to bend a little differently to avoid causing more irritation. Try bending side-to-side in a mirror and see and feel if its fluid. Chances are there’s a little forward bending  (compensation) as you bend from side to side. This compensation, over time, leads to irreversible wear and tear in your joints. 

In most of these cases a chiropractor can identify a very correctable muscle and joint pattern that is slowly wearing down a joint(s). Chiropractic is the healthcare choice for musculoskeletal injuries and within a few weeks of treatment the issue could be corrected, rather than it returning with a vengeance a few weeks or years later.

In the same sense, a cavity left alone progresses the same way the wear and tear on the joint might progress or worsen with time. Other doctors might tell you to take an aspirin and ignore it but these are the things that end up needing a whole lot more attention later.

As well, this condition slowly and quietly contributes to our overall health. How many of us stopped running due to knee pain or do you notice how it has gotten more difficult to put socks on in the morning, for example.

The reason why it is a good idea to get these aches and pains checked out is not only to eliminate the current aggravation but also to prevent future or more frequent problems.

Start the new year off right. Come in to Portland Backsmith, let us help you get back to your best health imaginable!

Chris Zander